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Legal terms

www.rus-partners.ro (hereinafter reffered to as „Website”), is the sole ownership of the Law Firm „Rus & Partners” (hereinafter refferd to as „Rus & Partners”). The usage/browsing of the Website represent the acceptance of the terms and conditions, governing the relationship between the law firm and third parties.

Rus & Partners made this website for information purposes, in compliance with the norms regulating copyright, confidentiality and publicity rules, as set forth in the Law no. 51/1991 and in the By-laws regulating the legal profession, in accordance with the latest amendments and updates.

Waiver of Responsibility

The Website includes the latest information on the Rus & Partners and of its lawyers activity. Nevertheless, Rus & Partners shall not be held liable for errors, omissions, inadvertencies, regarding the aforementioned information. The inadvertencies, omissions and errors shall be fixed with celerity, but Rus & Partners cannot be held to account, in case of any damages financial or material resulted from the usage of the information or any parts of the website. The information herein, has a purely general scope and cannot constitute or shall not substitute a legal consultancy in any area of expertise.

Rus & Partners cannot be held to account for any problems with the functionality of other websites, phone lines, servers, software programs or equipment that might result from the website usage.

Rus & Partners has the right to forbid the access or to temporary shut down any part or the entirety of this website. The information herein can be changed at the sole disposition of Rus & Partners.

The information is general in scope. If any articles dealing with a specialized area are included, these cannot be interpreted outside their context, the user bearing the whole responsibility for its usage. This information is not and cannot be considered an offer for legal services or a legal opinion, that might be used for personal reasons.

The Website Protection

Rus & Partners, as owner of the Website, takes all the necessary measures to secure the Website and its protection against any attempt to hijack, to embed software programs for malicious purposes against the users. Among these, are the computer viruses, pishing programs, trojans, logical bombs or any malware programs.


Rus & Partners does not use „cookies” technologies and modules, server log files, does not monitor IP addresses or the activity on user servers or third parties and does not automatically place information on other computers.

Regarding the documents or files sent to us, through the website, we reserve the right to use software programs that ensure the protetion and filtration of these, like Application Tracking Systems. The software programs used are always internal, the Website does not uses any external Saas programs.

Personal Data Processing

Rus & Partners respects the right to privacy of people visiting the Website and contacting us electronically. When interacting with us, you can provide us with information to help us identify you (for example, name, email, phone number). Also, some information that helps us to identify you is necessary for the performance of the legal assistance contracts that we conclude with you, but also for sending you newsletters containing legislative news and notices in order to attend conferences and other events. In addition, Rus & Partners collects some information about its contributors and employees, according to the law. This information is known as “personal data”. This Privacy Policy respects the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”).

The legal ground for processing

A. Consent-based processing [Art. 6 par. (1) point (a) GDPR]

In Rus & Partners’s activity, consent-based processing of the data subjects may be diverse, depending on the specific activities carried out and the aims pursued. For example, personal data processing of clients for promotional purposes (transmission of legal alerts/newsletters via e-mail) is done on the basis of free, specific, informed, and unambiguous consent, legally obtained from the clients.

B. Processing required for the conclusion or performance of a contract [Art. 6 par. (1) point b) GDPR]

This type of processing takes place when, for example, the initiative with regard to concluding a legal assistance contract belongs to a new client, a natural person. Rus & Partners will also process the contact details of a new collaborator (lawyer) in order to conclude the collaboration agreement.

C. The processing required to comply with a legal obligation [Art. 6 par. (1) point c) GDPR]

The processing of personal data on the basis of the need to comply with a legal obligation implies the existence of an imperative provision applicable to Rus & Partners’s data processing activity. In this case, processing is necessary to comply with the legal obligation.

1. Under the legislation on the prevention and sanctioning of money laundering and the prevention and combating of terrorist financing (Law no. 656/2002 on the prevention and sanctioning of money laundering, as well as for the introduction of measures for the prevention and combating of terrorism financing), lawyers have some obligations to implement specific customer knowledge and reporting suspicious transactions. The processing of personal data necessary for complying with these obligations is based on a legal obligation.

2. Lawyers have an obligation to maintain specific records of their activity, like the electronic register of documents drawn up by a lawyer. The processing of personal data made for this purpose is based on the legal fulfilment of a legal obligation.

D. The processing required to carry out a task that is of public interest [Art. 6 par. (1) point e) GDPR]

According to art. 39 of the Law no. 51/1995, in the exercise of their profession, lawyers are indispensable partners of the judiciary system. Therefore, the professional activity of the lawyer is exercised for the purpose of making justice, therefore fulfilling a public interest. In this case, the legal basis on which Rus & Partners processes the personal data is the one provided in Art. 6 par. (1) point e) GDPR. In order to carry out the professional work for the purpose of making justice, the lawyer processes the personal data of adverse parties or third parties. The basis of such processing is neither the consent of the data subjects, nor the legal assistance contract concluded with the client.

Personal data of children

Rus & Partners does not ask for and does not intentionally collect personal data from children. If Rus & Partners discovers that it accidentally collected personal data from a minor, it will remove this data as soon as possible. However, Rus & Partners shall collect personal data from minors in case of the explicit consent of parents or legal representatives.


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For the usage of the website any user agrees upon using the information only for general informative purposes. Any texts, photos, graphical elements, pictures, articles or information available on the website are the protected by the copyright law in force. As such, they cannot be reproduced, partially, totally or edited, without the express and written agreement of Rus & Partners.

It is strictly forbidden the usage of the information of the website, with the purpose of damaging the professional name of Rus & Partners, of its team members, of its relationship with clients or to alter the nature of the information content.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

Rus & Partners reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions for the use of the website, without any aforetime notice. Their periodic updates will the included with celerity on the website.